How to Use Open Gym Time Effectively

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There are Open gym slots available at most CrossFit gyms. Open gym means that members can do anything they like and this time is not lead by a coach.

We have Open gym two times per week at CrossFit Committed, Fridays 10-12 and Saturdays 12-14. It might be surprising, but Open gym is not very popular among our members and I think that it is partly because majority of them do not exactly know how to use this time. Therefore, I decided to write a list of sources of quality trainings that you can do during Open gym if you decide not to do one of the trainings from group classes that you missed during the week. You can also use Open gym for doing things you like or exercises that are important for upcoming summer season (bench press, bicep curls, dips,.. :))

Accessory work

Last year I wrote an article about accessory exercises that are important for your progress. Open gym is an ideal time to focus on these exercises and to add them to your training.

Work on your weaknesses!

It is also good to focus on your weaknesses or things that you are not good at during Open gym. I know that it sounds logical, but many people decide to only work on their weaknesses when they appear in classes and they do not want to work on them on their own. That’s a mistake. Now that the CrossFit Games Open is over you can test all basic CrossFit movements and then you can focus on exercises that caused you most trouble, so that they do not surprise you in the Open next year and you are prepared.

You can work on your weaknesses in different ways and it all depends on what you need to focus on. There is a bunch of good programs from top coaches on the internet that can help you move forward. These three are in my opinion the most fundamental ones: Aerobic capacity, Competitors training and CrossFit Linchpin.

Aerobic capacity

Aerobic capacity is a website where Chris Hinshaw adds running/rowing/swimming/assault bike workouts focused on developing aerobic capacity and conditioning every week. If “engine” is you problem, then aerobic capacity is a great source of quality workouts that you can easily add to your weekly program and Open gym is a ideal time to do so. Give it a chance and a bit of time and I am sure that you will see results.

Competitors training – Built by Bergeron

Programming by one of the most well known CrossFit coaches, Ben Bergeron. If you want to do a full training consisting of strength, WOD, gymnastics and so on during Open gym, this is a great program to do. It is a great alternative if you missed a training during the week or if you want to make your training a bit more varied. Bergeron’s Competitors training will not disappoint you.

CrossFit Linchpin

CrossFit Linchpin is a programming created by Pat Sherwood, who you probably know from many CrossFit videos. If you enjoy “real” CrossFit and you prefer quality over quantity, Linchpin is right for you. There is also Monster Mash published every Monday if you are more demanding. We used to do every Saturday at CFC in the past. Monster Mash consists of 3-4 workouts with a short break in between and it is usually very difficult. Linchpin’s motto is “Brutally elegant” and everyone who tries a few of their workouts will find out that it describes the programming perfectly. 🙂

I also have to mention so called mainsite programming,, where you can often find very interesting workouts. So if you have no idea what to do, mainsite will not disappoint you.


It is also important to mention that everyone should take advantage of the presence of a trainer! There is always a trainer present during Open gym and he or she will be happy to help you with your technique, choosing a workout or can provide you tips on how to progress in certain exercises. Also, take advantage of the fact that you can ask about things or technique details that you do not have time to ask about during group classes, that is why we are at the gym! 🙂

I hope that this short list has inspired you and that I will see you regularly on Fridays and Saturdays during Open gym!

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