How to use and wear grips

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Lately I’ve heard a lot of you complain that gymnastics movements on the rig/rings make your hands hurt or tear them up.

There are many reasons why this happens. One can be bad technique, second not enough palm protection. I will not dive into bad technique, that’s a topic for another post, I will talk about option two: not enough protection, choosing wrong or not wearing gloves/grips/tape/you-name-it properly.


If you wear gloves for kipping (or butterfly) movements on the rig or the rings you must love pain. Leave them in your backpack and only take them out for rope climbs, sandbag cleans, sled pushes, etc. when, unlike with gymnastics, they can actually help you.


These are your best accessory and companions for gymnastic movements. They are super simple and made of two pieces of leather with holes for your fingers and a band that wraps them around your wrist. The easiness of putting them on however does not reflect on how easy they are to use. I see many of you buy and wear them wrong, which is why you still leave with torn hands after workouts like CINDY or FRAN.

How to wear grips?

Most of you wear them wrong. You tear your hands because you put the grips on wrong, do too many reps in a WOD, or have bad technique (but like I said that is another post).

Wearing them wrong begins at the store when you get the wrong size. The grips have to be bigger and should not fit tight to your palm. If you buy tight fitting grips you might as well invest in a disinfectant for your hands. Ideally the size should allow you to wrap the leather around the rig, as you can see on the pictures:

You can see the person is also wearing sweatbands. I recommend you do the same, I do it as well. Sweatbands make the whole grip-experience better. Wearing your grips like this allows you to hang on the grip and the band won’t rub against or cut into your wrist/hand.

Using the grips right

The technique of hanging from the grip is important as it frees ups your palms and hands and lowers the risk of tearing your hands making your training more pleasant for days. It also helps you to hold on the rig longer. When it comes to chalking up your grips, do it, they also tend to slide off the rig. I chalk both my hands and the grip.

Which grips should you chose?

The more simple the better, like PowerGears. Rogue ones are also good but they are a little more thick and I like them a little less because of that. The brand doesn’t really matter, the right size and how you use them does, so that they really give you the right support and protect you when you try to perform harder gymnastics.

I hope this post was helpful and helped you see how to chose and wear grips right.

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