How to get ready for the CrossFit Open?

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February is almost here and so is the CrossFit Open that starts on Feb 22! The CrossFit Open serves as a qualification for the CrossFit Regionals and consists of 5 different work out in the span of 5 weeks. Despite the fact that only 20-30 athletes from each region make it to the CrossFit Regionals ten-thousands of people sign up every year. Their reasons vary – from seeing progress to competing at your own gym or trying to see where you stand compared to the CrossFit athletes. Last year over 150 members from our gym signed up. We split them into teams and then held special events every week. What a blas!

If you participated last year or sometime before you surely remember that there were areas you wanted to work on until the next Open. There is always something to work on in CrossFit so it is likely that you didn’t succeed on improving that one skill. This post will take a look at all the different movements we can expect during the CrossFit Open so that you can do your best and prepare during the next month.


Rx movements during the CrossFit Open (2011 – 2017)

Snatch – 7x

Toes to bar – 7x

Wall balls – 7x

Double unders – 7x

C2B pull ups – 7x

Thruster – 7x

Burpees – 6x

Deadlift – 6x

Muscle ups – (Ring 5x / Bar 2x)

Box jump – 4x

Clean – 4x

Rowing – 4x

Clean and Jerk – 3x

HSPU – 3x

Overhead squat – 3x

Push press – 1x

Shoulder to overhead – 1x

OH walking lunges – 1x

DB snatch – 1x

DB clean – 1x

DB fr. rack walking lunges – 1x

Burpee box jump over – 1x

Push up – 1x


Scaled movements  (2015 – 2017)

Hanging knee raises – 3x

Deadlift – 3x

Wall balls – 3x

Rowing – 3x

Thruster – 3x

Snatch – 2x

Hand release push ups – 2x

Single unders – 2x

Clean – 2x

Pull up – 2x

Jumping pull up – 2x

Burpees – 2x

Jumping C2B – 1x

Clean and jerk – 1x

Overhead squat – 1x

Push press – 1x

Front rack walking lunges – 1x

DB snatch – 1x

Burpee box jump over – 1x

DB clean – 1x

DB fr. rack walking lunges – 1x

What can you do during the upcoming month to prepare better?

If you see any of the movements above do it with the prescribed weight and watch out for the standards. If you sign up for the CrossFit Open there will be a judge watching your every move during each work out and he will count not only your reps but also the way you do them – squat low enough, throw the wallball hight enough and touched the wall, etc. So try your best to meed the standards and don’t be shy to no-rep yourself.

You will see past Open work outs during the next couple of weeks because we will be getting ready.

The CrossFit Open last year introduces dumbells, and from all we see from Dave Castro’s (the CrossFit Games director) Instagram .. they will be back.


A post shared by Dave Castro (@thedavecastro) on Jan 1, 2018 at 8:45am PST


There are also some movements we don’t see often and that you need to work on more. Most likely gymnastics and your “favorite” double unders. If this is a movement you need to work on, try to spend extra time working on it 2-3 times a week during the group lesson. Most of these movements (push ups …) you can work on at home as well.

If you need any help with any of the movements you can let us know. And if you are not sure about signing up do it now. The Open work out will be the WOD every Friday and there will be a special event held each week and you don’t want to miss out on that!



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