CrossFit Committed’s 4th Annual Throwdown!

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As I write this, our 4th annual CrossFit Committed Throwdown has just ended and I wanted to write a few thoughts from the day while it’s still fresh in my mind.

Nearly 70 of our amazing members came out and competed in our one day event that had everyone complete 4 workouts before we cut the field for the final workout.

Every year we have to poke, prod, bribe, force, and beg our members to sign up and that’s always because we’re trying to get our members that have never competed before to do so and, understandably, they’re always very nervous. However, we as coaches know what’s in store for them if we do get them to put themselves out there and register! So often it happens that our members get their first pull up, muscle up, rope climb, break weightlifting PRs, and just generally accomplish awesome things that they haven’t done in the past!

When there’s no option to scale (as we always give and encourage during our daily training) and when there’s a crowd of people yelling in your face – it’s make it or break it time. Sometimes you make it and it’s the best feeling in the world and sometimes you break it and fail. And while failing can be a bitter pill to swallow, afterwards, it should actually make you happy.  Happy because now you know what to attack and get better at so that it doesn’t happen again!

It’s so satisfying to see so many of our members push themselves to accomplish things that they didn’t think they could!

Just a few of the notable accomplishments from the day

  • Olina, and Alan completed more pull ups than they ever had ever in the past
  • Lola and Anja both got their first pull ups
  • Gabi did the most double unders ever
  • Grant got his first kipping pull up
  • Helen got her first handstand push up
  • Richard K. got his first chest to bar pull ups
  • Doli and Jirka K. both got PRs on their 1km row
  • Tomas and Michal from CFC South both got their first chest to bar pull ups
  • Olina completed 30 toes to bar

I know that I speak for all of the coaches at CrossFit Committed when I say that this is what it’s all about! We love seeing our members achieve goals that they’ve been working on and it’s even better when it’s in the limelight of a competition!

There’s always a lot of planning that goes into these competitions and support from a lot of people that never get enough credit.

A huge thank you to:

  • All of our amazing judges
  • Our awesome scorekeeper, Ioana
  • Head Judge, Tomas
  • Chief of Staff, Janos
  • The sponsor for our prizes, Roman Novacek of
  • Teddy and Ellzey for working hard in the cafe all day and keeping everyone fed and hydrated
  • Irenka and Philip for capturing all of the amazing pics from the day

I’m already looking forward to our 5th annual Throwdown!!

The complete photo album from the day can be found here

and here

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