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Yesterday was a sad day for CrossFit Committed and for many of us personally.  Our first trainer and great friend, Mike (Blinkat) Burton left to return home to the States. Mike has been with us since nearly the very beginning.  The first day that he came through our doors, upon completing his workout, he said to me, “hey, I’m awesome, why don’t you let me work for you?”  Me, being a bit more skeptical, said “why don’t  you join us for a month and then we’ll see.”  Well yeah, he turned out to be pretty awesome and he’s been helping us out ever since.  Mike has helped improve the gym by leaps and bounds since he’s been here.  Some of his more noteworthy contributions have been:

  • Gettting the blog up and running.  When he came we had around 40 visitors per day, now we’re around 300-400.
  • Contributing great articles to the blog, such as The Myth of Bulk:  Why women should do CrossFit.  Sleep:  The missing ingredient. And CrossFit hands:  Badge of honor or mark of neglect.  Just to name a few.
  • The quality of the music in the gym has either greatly improved or sucked depending on your tastes but after months of Mike blasting dubstep into my ears, I have to say that I don’t hate it anymore.
  • Birthday burpees and our hundred burpee penalty for equipment left out are contributions from Mike.  Sure you all love him a little more knowing that!
  • Lucy Lew, M’lady, KippyDu, Ruthless, BaraKuba, T-Mobil, KamChamp, King Arthur, Ele(yes)….We’re now taking applications for our new nickname generator.
  • Mike brought us The Erotic Warmup and my personal favorite, The Shitty Warmup.

Even more than all of that Mike’s been a great friend to many of us at the gym.  The atmosphere definitely won’t be the same without him around.

A favorite toast of Mike’s went something like this:

“There are tall ships and small ships and ships that sail the sea but there is no ship like friendship, so here’s to you and me.”

“We’re sad to see you go, Mike but we wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors.  If shit hits the fan, remember that you beat T-Mobil and you’re always welcome here!”

So long, my friend.

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