Workout Journals

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              Starting November 1st, everyone at CrossFit Committed has received their own workout journal and will be recording their daily Strength/Skill sessions and workouts.  This will be an important part in tracking your progress and keeping you accountable for your own training.  Yes, it’s going to add an extra 5 minutes to your workout.  Too bad:)  The results that you get from keeping a detailed account of your training will be worth it!   Increased effectiveness:  Whenever you measure something and you can look back and see the numbers you were putting up previously, it becomes easier to devise a way to improve.  Just guessing what you did last time isn’t going to cut it.   The numbers don’t lie:  Instead of guessing what you did the last time you squatted 5×5, go to your journal, look at your numbers and try to beat them!  Oftentimes when we guess what our previous numbers were, for some strange reason we have a tendency to inflate them!  This can hinder progress and be demotivating as well.  If you’re squatting 140 for a set of 5 and you failed on the 5th repetition, guess what?  You didn’t … Read More