Na zdravi!!

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                    On August 1st, Laura, Petr and I embarked on a harrowing journey:  one month without a drink!  The reasoning was vague, although a bit of self-doubt as to whether or not I could do it helped push me to try.  So, I figured what the hell.  Laura, not wanting to be outdone, decided to up the ante a bit and committed to drinking ONLY WATER for the entire month. Laura, you’re more hardcore than I!  And while Petr made a gallant effort, unfortunately he didn’t make it; the stress was too much and he succomed to the bottle.  Good effort though! What did we learn from our little challenge? We’re not alcoholics!! Neither Laura or myself noticed any changes at all, physical or mental.  NONE! It was much harder to be strict with my diet this past month.  Everyone needs a vice, I suppose. Birell is disgusting.  Why drink carbs if they don’t include alcohol? I expected it to be much harder than it was.  Whatever you set your mind to, eh? So, unfortunately there wasn’t much noticeable benefit to our little challenge.  It wasn’t a total waste though.  Setting … Read More