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Starting November 1st, everyone at CrossFit Committed has received their own workout journal and will be recording their daily Strength/Skill sessions and workouts.  This will be an important part in tracking your progress and keeping you accountable for your own training.  Yes, it’s going to add an extra 5 minutes to your workout.  Too bad:)  The results that you get from keeping a detailed account of your training will be worth it!


Increased effectiveness:  Whenever you measure something and you can look back and see the numbers you were putting up previously, it becomes easier to devise a way to improve.  Just guessing what you did last time isn’t going to cut it.


The numbers don’t lie:  Instead of guessing what you did the last time you squatted 5×5, go to your journal, look at your numbers and try to beat them!  Oftentimes when we guess what our previous numbers were, for some strange reason we have a tendency to inflate them!  This can hinder progress and be demotivating as well.  If you’re squatting 140 for a set of 5 and you failed on the 5th repetition, guess what?  You didn’t squat 140 five times!  Don’t write that you did.  I know that you felt like you could have or that you should have, but you didn’t.  The more accurately you record your results, the more efficient your training will be.


The more detailed notes, the more progress you’ll see:  Don’t just write that you did a workout in a certain amount of time.  If the workout is Fran (21-15-9, thrusters/pull ups) and you did it in 6:23, also write, how many repetitions you did unbroken in each set, where you had to rest, how you felt afterwards, if you thought that you could have gone faster or rested for  a shorter amount of time.  Everything that you can write down and record is valuable data for the next time


Trying to remember your 5rep max, 3rep max and 1rep max of the front squat, overhead squat, back squat, press, push press, push jerk, deadlift…..blah, blah, blah,  you get the idea.  It’s damn near impossible.  Record everything!!

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