Which Shoes Are Best For CrossFit?

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What kind of shoes should you buy for CrossFit?

“Wait, What?  I need new shoes?”


Throw out your running shoes and get something which is more appropriate for a wide range of tasks.

Ever try a max deadlift while standing on a mattress?  Well that’s basically what you’re doing when you’re wearing shoes with big, squishy soles such as these.  You want a shoe with a firm sole, something that you can push against without having it compress.  You also want to be able to run in that same shoe and be able to jump, push and pull stuff as well.

Olympic shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes, minimalist shoes, no shoes or those weird, glove/5 finger things?

If our training consisted of only running we’d probably buy some type of running shoe.  Logical, right?  Basketball players, I’m guessing, wear basketball shoes.  Olympic weightlifters?  Yep.  Olympic shoes.

But what about CrossFit shoes?  We run, jump, lift heavy weights, climb ropes, scale buildings and generally, do awesome stuff everyday.  So we need a shoe that’s able to deal with all of the variance that we typically deal with, and up  until recently it’s been a problem to find a shoe that can hold it’s own.

In the past, my go to shoe was an old pair of Chucks that were literally falling apart, and I loved them.  For inside the gym, lifting and CrossFitty type stuff they were great.  But every time a run came up the ol’ dilemma of “should I do the lifting part in my chucks and then change shoes for the run?” would come up.  And yeah, that’s possible but why not have one shoe that can deal with it all, shave a minute or two off your time by not having to change shoes and then only worry about kicking ass on the WOD.

In CrossFit we do a lot of Olympic lifting and if you’re serious about improving your technique then getting yourself a pair of Oly shoes is a must.  But for those who don’t want to shell out the cash for two pairs of shoes and would rather have one that can be used as a good all-around shoe, then I’d suggest getting a type of minimalist shoe that can adequately cover all of the different training styles which we use in Crossfit.

I currently own two pairs of minimalist type shoes and I don’t think I’ll ever buy normal running shoes again.  The connection that you have with the ground with minimalist shoes is a huge advantage in CrossFit where you need to be sure of your footing.  This is also known as “proprioception”  or, the ability to sense the position of your limbs in space.

With these shoes I think it’s safe to say that you’re proprioception will be very limited.  And you don’t want that.  So, no clogs in the gym please.


Something like these are exactly what you want.


These shoes were designed especially with CrossFit in mind.  They have a “zero drop”  sole which means there is no difference between the heel height and the toe height.  Grippy rubber soles ensure that you’ll stay planted firmly on the box helping you avoid the dreaded “shin shear”.  And notice the plastic bit covering the logo?  That’s Inov8’s rope climb shoe protector.  Our rope we’ll be up soon and we’ll be able to test how well they hold up:)  These shoes are super comfortable!  I’ve got wide feet and the toe box has lots of room and there’s no constricting feeling whatsoever.  With it’s wider sole, these are the perfect shoe for the weightlifting/running combo that’s so hard to accommodate.
As good as the Inov8’s are my personal favorite are the New Balance Minimus Trail edition.  These have got the same sole as this extremely popular CrossFit shoe but now you don’t need to worry about attracting all the weird stares while you’re riding the tram to the gym.  These shoes fit my feet like a glove!  There’s no foot slide inside of the shoe at all due to the elastic band running across the toe box which gives you extra snugness.  I’m also pretty shallow and my shoes have got to look good.  And for me the New Balance line delivers in every department.  Unlike the Inov8’s these shoes have a 4mm drop meaning that the toe is 4mm lower than the heel, which is still 1/3 of the drop of normal running shoes!  This puts you in a more natural position and encourages more of a mid-foot strike instead of the infamous heel strike.

But hey, what do I know?  You’ve got to try them out for yourself and pick what you’re most comfortable with.  And to do that, you need to make a visit to trailpoint.  They’re the only store in Prague with a wide variety of minimalist shoes which are perfect for Crossfit.  Go see Michal(who also does CrossFit!) at trailpoint.cz, located in Letna at Jireckova 7.  You can take the 26 tram directly there from the gym and be back in time to start the workout in about 20min!

He’s extremely helpful and will even let you go for a test run to ensure that you’re comfortable in your new shoes.  That’s service, folks.

Mention that you’re a member of CrossFit Committed and you’ll get 7% off of your purchase!

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