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Battle of Prague

So, the first ever Battle of Prague is behind us and I must say that it was a huge success!

The event itself was a huge undertaking. 180 athletes from all over Europe came to Prague to compete in a 2 day event. The support staff required to power an event like this was massive!

Luckily, at CrossFit Committed, we’ve got a huge number of members that were willing to come together to make it all happen!

Here’s a list of all of the positions that our members filled to make the event happen.

Key positions:

Equipment Crew
Score Runner
Score Keeper
Ticket sales
Head Judge
Head of Equipment crew
Vendor Director
Athlete Coordinator
Media Director

Virtually every aspect of the event was powered by members of CrossFit Committed (and some awesome folks from abroad and out of town as well!)

Besides those critical positions, the help that was needed to get the venue ready on Friday and to break it down afterwards on Sunday evening was monumental!

100s of meters of flooring needed to be moved from CrossFit Committed and CrossFit Committed South to the venue at Vystaviste and back again!

Approximately 6 tons of sandbags had to be loaded and unloaded.

Multiple trips were made to and from the gym to bring equipment and things that were forgotten.

During the event the equipment team had the impossible task of resetting everything within 3 minutes to be ready for the next heat and they delivered, over and over and over again.

To all of the members of CrossFit Committed, “Thank you all so very very much! Your tireless work over the weekend was noticed and appreciated by everyone in attendance and honestly, the weekend would not have been able to happen without you! You da best!”

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To see more pictures of the event and of our members and the athletes in action, click the button!

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