New years resolution

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Hi folks, Yes it is the time of the year again. You are probably reflecting upon your achievements and memories of the past year and tell yourself that from next year on there will be a few things different. This at least is what numerous studies suggest. All articles I have read on this topic suggest that the majority of people either think about New-year’s resolutions or actually write New year’s resolution down. However all sources are telling the same story. The success rate of following through with these resolutions is very slim! For example, it is said that roughly 90 % of all people have new year’s resolutions. 80 % of those people give up on their resolution by the middle of February and the remainder of those people follow through only until the middle of the New Year. A very marginable number of people actually follow through until the very end of the New Year. So let’s face it. The statistics are against you. This fact should not discourage you but encourage you to tackle your very own New year’s resolutions and be one of the few successful people. Let’s start simple. Most people overestimate what they can … Read More

Successful Goal Setting: CrossFit and Beyond

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The summer is drawing to a close (sorry, somebody had to say it) and as the schedules return to normal after all that travel and partying in the sunshine and you all return to your normal gym routines I thought it might be a good time to talk about goal setting.  We see each other in the gym all the time, some of us upwards of 5 times a week, yet how many of us know EXACTLY why we are there and what we are working towards?  There is this ambiguous idea out there that we are all aiming to be “fit” or that we are all gunning for that awesome CrossFit term of “general physical preparedness”.  That is great, and personally I love to see you in the gym suffering next to me, but I hope this article sets you on a path to picking some specific areas of your life (CrossFit related or not) and set some goals for yourself.  So how do we go about doing that?  Here are some tips first about how to pick your goals and then a few on how to set about achieving them. Step 1 to successful goal setting is making … Read More

How to be better at CrossFit – right mindset and mental toughness

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In CrossFit we mostly measure athletic performance by how much one can lift or how fast one can do a workout. But there is not only hard training that can make you better at weightlifting or CrossFit. Your mind is a very powerful tool as well. In this article I’m going to cover how to get the best of yourselves by using your mind. The importance of having the right mindset Having the right mindset can help you at many aspects of life and it goes way beyond your performance at the gym. Every success starts with having the right mindset. I personally believe that anybody can have the right mindset. Often times I see people standing in front of a barbell and telling me that they can’t do it. And my reply is always the same – “if you tell yourself that you can’t get it, then you simply won’t get it”. It might seem harsh, but it’s, in most cases, true. If you want to finish a lift successfully, you must believe you can do it. Another thing that can help you is to try to visualize in your head how you perform the lift. Last action that is essential is to … Read More

Workout Journals

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Starting November 1st, everyone at CrossFit Committed has received their own workout journal and will be recording their daily Strength/Skill sessions and workouts.  This will be an important part in tracking your progress and keeping you accountable for your own training.  Yes, it’s going to add an extra 5 minutes to your workout.  Too bad:)  The results that you get from keeping a detailed account of your training will be worth it!   Increased effectiveness:  Whenever you measure something and you can look back and see the numbers you were putting up previously, it becomes easier to devise a way to improve.  Just guessing what you did last time isn’t going to cut it.   The numbers don’t lie:  Instead of guessing what you did the last time you squatted 5×5, go to your journal, look at your numbers and try to beat them!  Oftentimes when we guess what our previous numbers were, for some strange reason we have a tendency to inflate them!  This can hinder progress and be demotivating as well.  If you’re squatting 140 for a set of 5 and you failed on the 5th repetition, guess what?  You didn’t squat 140 five times!  Don’t write that … Read More