Inspiration all around us! Spotlight on our member transformations.

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We see each other in the gym every day (or almost every day) and sometimes it’s hard to recognize how much a fellow member has changed in their time with us.  We know that everyone comes to CFC with a different goal, for some it’s weight loss, for some it’s increasing muscle mass and strength, for some it’s competition or elite level fitness, and for others it’s just the desire to be motivated by a strong community to stay fit and active.  I have decided to dedicate my next couple of articles to some members who have “transformed” themselves.  It is a topic near and dear to my heart, and I’ll share why after I introduce you to some seriously inspiring people. First of all we have Petr Sebera, known to most of us as “Sebi”.  He has been a member at CFC since September of 2014 when he joined a foundations class taught by Dora.  Sebi’s goals for himself when he first joined were based mostly in a desire to lose weight and be healthier overall.  In typical Sebi fashion he gave me one or two word answers to most of my questions, he’s the strong, silent type (expect … Read More

What is intensity and how you might be doing it wrong

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I saw a post from Jon Gilson the other day that made me want to write about this and also because this same subject came up at one of our coaches’ meetings recently. Jon Gilson’s been around the CrossFit scene from the very beginning. He runs a great business seminar and always puts out lots of great content geared towards CrossFitters. Here it is.. “A quick note on CrossFit advancement: The prescription is Mechanics, Consistency, Intensity. This should not be confused with Mechanics, Consistency, Load. They are not equivalent. Put another way, load is an input into Intensity, but not a determinant, and too much load will blunt intensity needlessly, limiting adaptation. At its most basic, this means you should take longer to add load than you believe necessary. Bias toward speed and mechanics. This will keep intensity high, thereby fulfilling the prescription, and ensuring proper progression.” This is something that we’ve told every single one of you from day one at your introductory lesson. “Technique first, then consistency and only after you have those two things then, intensity.” Technique – Moving correctly and safely. Easy Consistency – Moving correctly and safely all of the time, even when you’re tired. … Read More

Rowing – damper settings, efficiency and correct technique

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CrossFit uses rowing quite often as it’s a great conditioning tool. It’s low impact on your joints, it utilizes large muscle groups and it can really smoke you if you push hard enough. It practices opening/closing your body and hips just like in olympic lifting, so it’s a great development tool as well. Even though we probably row at least 2-3 times/week in warm ups and WODs, I often see poor technique and incorrect damper settings. In this article, I’ll explain while setting the damper to 10 is not that great of an idea and may just be exercising your ego and I’ll also cover correct technique. Setting up the rower When you get on the rower first thing you want to set up is the damper. The damper is the little wheel with numbers from 1 to 10 and it controls how much air is coming into the cage. This means that there is more air that the wheel spins against. Setting the damper is very individual and there are not na prescribed settings. It will also differ for different types of workouts. If you do sprints or generally shorter distances, you will probably be more effective with higher damper settings. For … Read More

Workout contexts

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No matter how long you’ve been coming to the gym, every time you hear “Starting in 10 seconds!”, you feel nervous, the adrenaline starts flowing through your blood and your heart is pounding. Your daily workout is as much a physical effort as it is a mental one. That’s why it is important to have the right context going into class. You cannot attack every day as a competition day. What that would do to your fitness is a huge spike in the first 6-18 months that are eventually followed by a burnout or an injury. CrossFit methodology is supposed to be a lifetime fitness program. The movements we perform on a daily basis are hard and very technical, and they usually take a very long time to master. In fact, developing mastery of the basic skills takes a lifetime. Add intensity to it – doing workouts for time or for the maximum numbers of repetitions – and you will get a very powerful, but also very tough fitness program. Intensity without the foundation leads to undesired outcomes. It is very tempting to go hard and be on top of the leaderboard every day, but the true wisdom lies in … Read More

The Myth of Bulk: Why Women Should do Crossfit

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There is a particularly popular YouTube video series that comes to mind when you hear some women speak about why they don’t do Crossfit or any type of heavy Olympic lifting. The series is aptly titled “Sh*t (insert some sport or activity or group here) Say.” Some of the Sh*t I hear anti-crossfit women, and even some pro-crossfit women, say goes as follows: “I don’t want to get bulky arms/legs/back/etc.” “I don’t want to get too BIG.” “I don’t want my thighs to get bigger.” “I don’t want to look like a body builder.” “Is that Jason Khalipa?!?” I think you’ll have noticed a theme by now. Without dancing around the issue let me make a proclamation: Doing Crossfit with [relatively] heavy weights will NOT make you look like a body builder.  Moreover, the advantages of doing crossfit-type training far outweigh any perceived disadvantages. Disclaimer I don’t really need to remind any readers of this blog that I’m not a doctor. However, I have researched the topic thoroughly and gotten feedback from an actual physician. The information is yours to absorb or not, hopefully (if nothing else) it inspires some enlightening debate in the gym. I realize that claiming you … Read More