Which Shoes Are Best For CrossFit?

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crossfit shoes

What kind of shoes should you buy for CrossFit? “Wait, What?  I need new shoes?” Yes. Throw out your running shoes and get something which is more appropriate for a wide range of tasks. Ever try a max deadlift while standing on a mattress?  Well that’s basically what you’re doing when you’re wearing shoes with big, squishy soles such as these.  You want a shoe with a firm sole, something that you can push against without having it compress.  You also want to be able to run in that same shoe and be able to jump, push and pull stuff as well. Olympic shoes, basketball shoes, tennis shoes, running shoes, minimalist shoes, no shoes or those weird, glove/5 finger things? If our training consisted of only running we’d probably buy some type of running shoe.  Logical, right?  Basketball players, I’m guessing, wear basketball shoes.  Olympic weightlifters?  Yep.  Olympic shoes. But what about CrossFit shoes?  We run, jump, lift heavy weights, climb ropes, scale buildings and generally, do awesome stuff everyday.  So we need a shoe that’s able to deal with all of the variance that we typically deal with, and up  until recently it’s been a problem to find a … Read More