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Our new strength cycle is all about the snatch and just like the previous cycles the format will remain the same. It will be 15 sessions over 6 weeks.


Last Monday, all of you that came to the gym found your max snatch, whether it was a power snatch or a full squat snatch. For some of you newer guys maybe you were going from the hang position. All versions are ok! While the goal is to eventually gain the mobility and technique required to do a full squat snatch, for some people that might happen over the course of this upcoming cycle and it might not.


The picture below is the time table for our snatch cycle. If you’re serious about improving your technique don’t miss snatch days!


15 sessions over 6 weeks is a great dose of volume to see some significant improvements in your technique and strength.


Typically the first few weeks will start out light. We’re developing the technique to be able to lift the heavier weights. Don’t let your ego win and start adding more weight before you’re ready! I’ve been guilty of this as well. You know your technique wasn’t solid on the last lift but you add weight anyway thinking that it’s going to make you stronger, faster. It’s not! All that’s going to do is engrain bad lifting habits which will become harder and harder to break.


It’s not uncommon for many of you to add 10 to 15kg over a 6 week cycle. However, that won’t happen if you start too heavy and don’t allow yourself the room to improve.


Think about your max now and then add 10-15kg to that number. If that number sounds completely unachievable then you’re either already pretty advanced or your mobility is a big limiting factor.


If you’re in the “already pretty advanced” category enjoy every kilo PR that you get! They become fewer and farther between the better that you become!


If you’re in the “mobility is a big limiting factor” category, start joining Zuzka at 6pm on Tuesdays for some mobility work and make use of our Romwod room upstairs! You can use the filter on the Romwod website to modify the sessions to target what you need work on.


Think it’s hard remembering the 6 most basic versions of the snatch? Well, here are 56 more variations for you to study!


And if you’re struggling with the technique and feel that you need some extra attention, don’t hesitate to contact one of the coaches to book a private lesson!


Happy lifting!


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