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I talked about this briefly yesterday during the intro to the program for the day but it needs to be said again and in a little more depth.
We’ve got a lot of new people in the gym and also a lot that have been with us for more than a year. The strength sessions for both groups will look very different. The people that have been with us for a longer time will no longer see the same quick and easy results as new people will and therefore, they’ll need  a little different approach.

While you’re still relatively new to strength training the results come quickly; practically every session and that’s an awesome thing! There’s no sense in trying to rush into a more advanced program while there are still so many gains to be had on a very basic system.

That system is called a Linear Progression. It’s extremely simple and extremely effective for newer people. We’ll be using it with squats during this program and also the bench press.

The system goes like this:

For our squats and bench the repetition scheme will say 3×5. That means that you’ll do 3 sets of 5 repetitions. 15 reps in total. Before beginning the first session you should choose a weight that’s challenging but definitely doable. If you think there’s any chance that you might fail then it’s too heavy for the first session.

For example if you choose 60kg for your first day of squats at 3×5

Warmup: 1×10 – 20kg + 1×5 – 40kg. (one set of 10 reps at 20kg and then 1 set of 5 reps at 40kg)

Working sets:  3×5 – 60kg (three sets of 5 reps at 60kg) rest about 90 seconds between sets.

Once you’re done with the last set you’ll put the bar back into the rack and that’s it. Finished with squats for the day! Easy. WRITE THE WEIGHT THAT YOU USED DOWN IN YOUR BOOK! DON’T FORGET! It’s important. The next week for squats you’ll increase the weight that you used by 5kg and you’ll do the same thing. 3×5 at 65kg. The week after that it will be 3×5 at 70kg. And then 3×5 at 75kg. You’ll continue in this fashion until you fail at which point you’ll go up by only 2.5kg total. You’ll do maybe one or two sessions while adding 2.5kg and then you’ll most likely be at your  first training plateau.

Once you reach your first plateau then we’ll discuss different strength options for you. Up until then, though enjoy the process. Slap some more weight on every week and watch your strength go through the roof.

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