New years resolution

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Hi folks,

Yes it is the time of the year again. You are probably reflecting upon your achievements and memories of the past year and tell yourself that from next year on there will be a few things different. This at least is what numerous studies suggest. All articles I have read on this topic suggest that the majority of people either think about New-year’s resolutions or actually write New year’s resolution down. However all sources are telling the same story. The success rate of following through with these resolutions is very slim! For example, it is said that roughly 90 % of all people have new year’s resolutions. 80 % of those people give up on their resolution by the middle of February and the remainder of those people follow through only until the middle of the New Year. A very marginable number of people actually follow through until the very end of the New Year. So let’s face it. The statistics are against you. This fact should not discourage you but encourage you to tackle your very own New year’s resolutions and be one of the few successful people.

Let’s start simple. Most people overestimate what they can achieve in one year but underestimate what they could achieve in 10 years. So put out SMART goals and be realistic. Is your goal Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time bound? If yes let’s not move Mt. Fuji but climb step by step. Break you resolution down into several steps. For instance, if your goal is to run a marathon have smaller goals and revaluate after every month e.i. increase your 5K time by the end of January and move forward monthly as the year progresses. This goes with anything i.e. loosing weight, getting stronger, in performance and conditioning etc. Attack one resolution at a time. If it is overwhelming for you it won’t be fun. So don’t put yourself under pressure. A way to make your journey towards your goal more enjoyable is to share your resolution with a friend or family or even make it a little bit competitive. Get people who want to support you involved. Another good way to stick to your plan is to budget your resolution. Studies suggest that when people spend money on activities they are more likely to follow through with it. Set up certain dates/time slots in your calendar – have a plan, maybe keep a journal. Making activities a habit is the fastest way of moving forward quickly.

Before you are setting out your resolutions/goals, make sure that your goal is something you really desire or are passionate about. Don’t take on a resolution just because you (or someone else) thinks you should. You have to want it for yourself. Try to have an ‘I can attitude’ and rather focus on the things you can influence other than the things you cannot influence for a better outcome.

If a new years resolution is the impulse to start something new or making yourself better at anything than let’s take this opportunity.

But most of all, enjoy yourself, have a good time (or the extra cake over Christmas) and let’s tackle our own resolutions head on.

Ideas for resolutions:

  1. New 1-rep-max backsquat
  2. Try a new diet and see how you feel
  3. Wake up earlier to hit a 6:30 or 7:30 a.m. class. Maybe this is beneficial for you
  4. Shave 1-minute off your Fran time
  5. Stop cherry-picking workouts
  6. ‘Get’ pull-ups
  7. ‘Get’ a muscle-up or handstand pushup
  8. Handstand walk X-amount of feet
  9. ‘Go RX’ on a WOD
  10. Push X-amount of weight overhead
  11. Stop comparing myself—it’s me vs. me
  12. Cut out added sugar
  13. Gain some muscle
  14. Shed some body fat
  15. Participate in the Open
  16. Sign up for a local competition
  17. PR an old Open workout, Benchmark or Hero WOD
  18. Increase your 400-meter run or 500-meter row split
  19. Learn to swim properly

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