How to train in the heat Part 2

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Tomáš wrote about how to train in extreme heat last week. This articles continues to share specific tips on what to do differently in these hot summer temperatures. There is no reason to stop training, but you need to adjust how you train. Particularly strength, which requires consistency. You skip one training and it will be easier to skip another.


We all know that staying hydrated is key for our bodies. But how much water is enough? Robert Voy, the former head of the US Olympic Training Center, says that for every 20 minutes of training we should drink at least 200 ml of water. Losing just 1% of water in your body can limit your performance. Avoid sweet drinks – sugar slows your metabolism and regeneration down. Caffeine is diuretic and it drains you. If you’re used to drinking coffee as a kicker before you train, try avoiding it when its really hot outside.


The most important dietary supplements are vitamins and minerals that our bodies lose when we sweat. The warning signs our bodies send us when minerals are missing are: cramps, muscle tremors, weariness, and extreme fatigue. Ideally take soluble supplements before, during and after you train. Especially if you cramp up often. You can try some of these products:

Vitamin B helps to turn food and drink into energy and therefore  essential if you want to grow stronger. Eat a banana an hour before you train, it is full of vitamin B and it also contains at least 400 milligrams of potassium which helps to keep your muscles tense.

Vitamin C has many effects, it for example speeds up regeneration. The faster your body regenerates after you train, the sooner you will be ready for your next session. Vitamin C is recommended before, during and after training.

If the mineral supplements don’t contain calcium and magnesium, it is good to take these in the evening  2:1 on the days when you train They help regenerate and improve the quality of your sleep.

All of the above are water soluble, so even if you take more than you need, you don’t have to worry. Your body will take care of itself. get rid of it.

Adjusting how you train

It is logical that we don’t warm up for as long on super hot days compared to the super cold ones. Shorter warm up saves up energy for the main part of the work out. 60 minutes of training is good enough so you don’t need to worry about extra exercises you are normally used to doing. As for the training clothes, not everyone (especially girls) is comfortable with taking their shirt of during the WOD. So when it’s really hot and you know your shirt will be drowned in sweat after the warm up pack another. You can change your shirt after the warm up and strength session and your work out will be more comfortable. And make sure to jump in the shower right after you work out. Its great for reducing your body temperature.

And remember this, especially when it gets hot: Listen to your body and don’t over do it. It is far better to slow down. Your new PRs will wait for you 🙂

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