Tim’s “Fit 4 Fifty” Challenge!

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6 pack progress

Last September I began a journey.

This journey began following an experience I had on holiday with my family in August last year. I have two sons and at that time they were 11 and 15 years old and we went to spend an hour of fun together on a large multi activity inflatable anchored out in the bay about 50 meters. It was a pay at the beach for 1 hour and a swim out and back it had slides, rope swings, obstacle course etc. looked lots of fun. I really hadn’t realised or was in total denial how much I had let my physical condition go. Subsequently, I lasted 10 mins of the allocated hour and wasn’t even able to pull myself out of the water without embarrassing assistance from some other people or to carry on after I got back on as I was totally exhausted and had no strength left to do anymore. I was so annoyed and upset with myself I thought it was shameful at my age. The swim back to shore was long, slow and a real low point. That evening I reflected very heavily on my age, condition, future health and quality of life. Something had to be done and immediately.

To help focus my thoughts, I had my 50th birthday coming up in just over 18 months and I made the conscious decision or more a promise to myself to do something positive about it when I got back home to Prague. My 50th birthday was a great target age to set this goal as I understood very clearly that this was something that wouldn’t be overnight and would take commitment and hard work. Fit 4 Fifty was born.

I had to be in it for the long haul!

I have tried many things in the past; running, cycling, gym, private trainer etc. etc. to no avail as it didn’t grab or inspire me and to be frank, I didn’t enjoy them or have enough fun to keep me going. However, in late August I was given the recommendation for CFC and Joey’s number. I called and began my CrossFit introduction sessions and haven’t looked back since or got bored, it really grabbed me this time.

I set an original goal of just getting fitter, losing the excess weight and eating better but also trying to stick with a regular exercise routine. Over the last year at CFC I have achieved exactly that and feel great for it. This has not only been due to the regular exercise but as mentioned eating healthier, the two must come together. Probably the most important part for me personally has been having a great deal of fun while doing the hard work. Thanks to the awesome CFC community, they are truly inspiring and everyone is very supportive of what you want to achieve. I am in no doubt that I am the fittest I have been in 20 years and slimmer to boot, shedding 15kgs or over 30lbs in the process.
Job done? No not at all!

From a personal motivational aspect I need to continually reflect and adapt my goals to freshen them up otherwise I will slack off. I have been guilty of this the last few weeks on the food front, USA trips, vacation drinking schedule etc. So during this summer vacation I have reflected once more and set myself a new goal to take this journey to the next level. Not only having the ability to look down and see my feet without bending over but I would really like to see better the fruits of my labour and that means definition.
So a six pack has to be the next ambitious level. Call it vanity, maybe? To be honest that is true to a point, I think we are all a little vain and self-absorbed but my main driver is that if I am to motivate myself the goal has to be measurable/visible.

Speaking of motivation, I recently had a workshop at work focusing on goals and objective setting and lots of discussions were, during the downtime, on the personal as well as the professional goals/objectives. I shared my personal fitness goal of the six-pack and a challenge or gauntlet was thrown down by one of my colleagues. If I succeed my colleague will have their first tattoo at the age of 52 with “‪#‎Fit4Fifty‬”. If I fail then I must have my first tattoo at the age of 50 with “‪#‎Ifailed‬”.

So here I am, August 1st as a starting point and just over 30 weeks to “B-Day50” 2nd March 2017.

I am very aware that this will require both a strict exercise regime plus nutritional diligence. I’m very honest with myself and know I would struggle without support. Therefore Joey and Erik have volunteered/agreed to support me during my 30 week #Fit4Fifty challenge. Joey will be supporting me with his expertise – training/workout plans as well as the Precision Nutritional piece. Erik from WOD café who not only has 20 years experience in the restaurant business feeding people, “feeding people right”, is also a dedicated crossfitter, will be preparing some of the meals for the weeks ahead.

We are planning to give weekly updates on FB on all the three aspects of this journey.

Joey – Exercise & nutrition counselling.
Erik – Meal preparation.
Me – How it’s going from a personal standpoint (mentally, physically, ups and downs etc.)

The main reason I would like to share this here on the members CFC site is purely motivational. I know this is going to be a lot of hard work and times will get tough. So I am relying on peer pressure 😉 but seriously the more people I share with the harder it will be for me to give up. Also I know how much of a supportive bunch you are and will need all your help. There are many people that inspire me at CFC at every single fitness level and experience. I can’t and won’t name names as it’s an individual thing but everyone knows who inspires them, it can be different people for very different reasons. You just know that being around them somehow pushes you that bit harder and helps you keep the faith to continue with your struggle, your passion, hard work and celebrate every success.

Finally, I really really do not want my first tattoo to be “#Ifailed” I want it to be something much more positive.
So, totally committed.

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