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A guest-post today, from our friend Nate at n8trainingsystems.com.

Most people don’t like to work out. People like to say they work out. They like to talk to their friends about working out, they like to wear work out clothes, shirts that say “Just do it” and “Pain is weakness leaving the body”. But when it comes time to get sweaty and start the recommended set of squats ending with a heavy triple, people are tired. They had a long day at work, their manager was riding their ass, and their kid just spilled chocolate milk all over the backseat of the Volvo. Or, they’re sore from the deadlifts they did 2 days ago, they’ve been sitting in meetings, and oh goodness, they’re just getting over a cold.


“It’s been a long day”

“I’m tired”

“I didn’t get very much sleep”

“Traffic was terrible”

“My quad is hurting”

“I’m stiff”

“I’m just not there today”






When these kinds of people show up at my gym and use my squat rack, I hope their knees explode out the back of their legs.


Take this quick quiz to see if you’re ready to workout today!



a)      Sketchers shape ups, leggings, and a personalized shake weight.

b)      Old chuck taylors, a dingy t-shirt and a scowl

c)      Fuck clothes



a)      The new Paris Hilton CD, Toby Keith,  or Justin Beiber

b)      Filthy electronic, hard rock, or heavy rap

c)      My own screams



a)      Zumba, pole-dancing, or maybe arms

b)      5/3/1 deadlift day and then Angie for conditioning.

c)      Grabbing a heavy rock and lifting it until I die.


When I’m sick I:

a)      Stay at home for a week – no sense taking chances!

b)      8000 mg of vitamin C per day. I’ll be fine.

c)      Purge my insides with fire.


When I’m about to attempt a heavy lift I:

a)      Approach it like I would anything else…

b)      quietly approach the weight, visualize myself finishing the lift, and squeeze every muscle in my body

c)      Visualize someone holding a gun to the head of my puppy. Then I crush the lift, and tear my shirt off.


If you answered A to any one of these questions, you’re not ready to workout, and most likely not fit to go out in public.


The only option for training is shifting into a mentality that lets you step in the dark recesses of the mind where the laws of physics have no say, and normal barriers don’t exist. Results are not achieved through mindless plodding and checking off the WOD 3x per week. Results are achieved through a fierce determination and an indomitable will. If you don’t walk into the gym with the mindset that you can and will destroy a set of 25 clean and jerks, walk the fuck out and go home, because you’re dragging everyone else in the gym down to your pathetic level of hardcore-ness.


If that’s not you, or you don’t want it to be you, here’s the formula to reclaim your hardcore-ness and win the respect of your brain:


Make a protein shake. Put in two scoops of protein, a banana, and a heaping potion of man up.


Then go back to the gym, and put your 10 rep squat max on the bar.

Take a few deep breaths and walk the bar out.

Now do 20 reps without putting the bar down.


When you’re done and lying in a pool of your own bodily fluids – smile, because you’re doing it right. There’s a certain kind of satisfaction that can only be obtained by throwing up after finishing high rep squats that the uninitiated will never understand. Don’t be the person with the great excuses and the awful PR.


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