How to get your significant other to try CrossFit?

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How to persuade your girlfriend, wife or a friend to try CrossFit. 

CrossFit is an amazing thing. It has improved our conditioning, it has given us a boost in our work life, more self confidence, helped us to find motivation, or it has even changed life to some people. How much better would CrossFit be if you could do it with your significant other? You wouldn’t have to explain at home all the time, why you have to go to the gym at least 3x per week, why you spend so much time there, why you sometimes go there even on Saturdays or why is going to the 25th party of this year so important.

Both mean and women can be afraid of CrossFit, but women are usually even more worried. These worries can be summed up in couple points:

1. Look

“I don’t want to be bulky!”

This is usually the first sentence I hear from every girl who comes to our introduction training. Media and internet portray CrossFit as a difficult sport only for the toughest people. They show photos of CrossFit Games athletes, who are professionals and they earn their living doing this sport. These athletes train 6-7 times a week in multiple phases a day. It is the same like comparing an Olympic level swimmer with somebody who goes swimming 3 per week to stay healthy. The person who does swimming as a hobby is not going to have huge shoulders and back.

CrossFit is beautiful because everyone can find what fits them the best. It is so versatile that depending on chosen intensity, it can help you to decrease stress, it can serve as a preparation for your primary sport (running, dancing, volleyball) and also as a training for specialized competitions.

We go more in depth about why CrossFit does not make bodybuilders out of women in one of our older articles.

2. Fear of the unknown

“I have never lifted weights!”

This is a typical example of a woman, who is sporty and is actively doing sports like running, yoga, zumba or pole dance. She is horrified of lifting weights, because she has never done that before (or partly because of reason number 1).

Because of this (and other reasons) we have an individual on ramp program at CrossFit Committed that consists of 10 private trainings where your coach teaches you everything from the basics. He/she will adjust the difficulty of the trainings to your goals and will state a speed at which you will be learning new technique. It does not mean that you will not lift weights – strength training is an integral part of CrossFit and it is also important for you to feel fit! High intensity interval training which is typical for CrossFit supports fat burning and (yes, you guessed it) it makes you leaner.

3. Unpreparedness

“I am not fit at all!”

Women, who don’t do any exercise or are on or after maternity leave, will have their road to CrossFit a bit longer. It is likely that they will need more than 10 individual training to be prepared. It is in trainer’s interest to make a woman feel like she is ready and prepared to join the group classes. We, women, have a tendency (as opposed to man) to underestimate ourselves and to not believe in ourselves. Your trainer has got an objective view on your situation and can determine well when you are ready to start training in a group. You do not have to be able to perform a pull up or a bodyweight squat. It is important to perform movements with correct technique, to know your strengths and weaknesses and to know how to scale the exercises to your level. Group classes are led by a trainer anyway, so he or she can always help you.

So guys, how can you finally persuade your girlfriend to go to CrossFit with you? How can you support her in the beginning?

  • Start practically!

Show her how can CrossFit help her in her everyday life. Tell her an example that she will understand and that will motivate her. Fixing pain in the lumbar or thoracic spine area, easier manipulation with heavy objects, more energy to take care of children and so on. Because she is probably not sure where she would find time for CrossFit in her busy schedule and she does not know at all why it could be beneficial.

  • Do not have any expectations, try to praise her!

She will be better at some exercises at the beginning and some movements will not be that great. Try to praise her for the 60% that she is really good at. Of course, you can see 40 % of weaknesses, but keep those for yourself. Let her to find out herself what she enjoys about CrossFit. The most important thing at the beginning will be to enjoy the training and to have a good feeling. Motivate her to go to the gym the next day again.

  • Let her progress at her own speed! 

Do not measure her success by your meter. She does not care about doing Fran sub 3 minutes. It is a success for her to simply finish her training. She will complain and whine, especially when you are alone, because you are the person who is the closest to her. We, women, want to hear support and nice words, especially from the person who is the closest to us, because we are the most vulnerable in front of this person. There is never enough praising and understanding.

To sum this up

Girls, it is true, that once you start with CrossFit, your appearance will not take first place anymore. Start thinking about your body as about a tool that will be able to do things you have not even dreamt about. Your self confidence will increase and the feeling that you can do something new will become addictive. You will be happy that you can lift 5 kg more on back squat or that you can be one step closer to a strict pull up.

Guys, be patient, it is a long run, but it is worth it! All of the sudden she will be watching all of the CrossFit videos on YouTube instead of yelling at you and asking you what the hell are you watching again. Share what you love with the person you love the most.

Here are opinions from 3 awesome women from CrossFit Committed who let their partners persuade them to start with CrossFit and they do not regret it:)

Bára Němcová

“I decided to start with CrossFit about 4 month after the boys had started. Járy (husband) and Fífa (son) were excitingly telling me about every single training – about how difficult and versatile it is and also about a great group of people that is at CFC, so eventually I could not resist. In retrospect I feel very positive about my decision – i try new movements, I fight with barbells and bars and I really enjoy it. And there are truly great people at CFC…I don’t know why I was hesitating for so long. ?

Péťa Zlámalová

“Erik (husband) and Terka (daughter) had been persuading me for about 2 years. I was doing bikram yoga, and I felt great, but I wanted to show them that I can do what they do. It was definitely a good decision, I am very competitive and I enjoy it. Only thing is that I cannot compare with them, mainly with Terka in heavy lifting. ?”

Zuzka Kiselová

“My body type is so called “apple” and regular running, TRX and various diets did not have the desired effect – I wanted to get rid at least of a little bit of body fat in my midline area. My boyfriend had been constantly persuading me to go to CrossFit with him to try it. My decision to try CrossFit is my last experiment before much more radical solutions. It seems like thanks to my new hobby I will not need help from a plastic surgeon.”


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