CrossFit Open 2012

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So, the CrossFit Open is over and I wanted to congratulate everyone who competed!  For some of you this was your first competition, for others it was the first in a long while.  And some of you competed even though you thought you had no chance, whatsoever.  Whatever the case may be the important part is that you threw your hat in with the others and gave it all that you had.

One of the great things (and not so great things) about the Open was that there was no scaling.  This pushed many of you to try things you normally wouldn’t have had the courage to try.  Which led to some of you achieving things that you didn’t think you were capable of.

Burpees, box jumps, snatches, toes to bar, push presses, thrusters, chest to bar, wall balls, double unders and muscle ups!

Many of you set new PR’s and pushed yourself harder than you thought you could, and for that you deserve a round of applause.

It’s time to start training for next year!



Men *

328. Joey Scafidi – CrossFit Commited
842. Michael Burton – CrossFit Commited
985. Petr Jindra – CrossFit Commited
1261. Filip Belohuby – CrossFit Commited
1523. Ryan St. James- CrossFit Committed
1730. Filip Marek – CrossFit Commited
—–. Tomas Ladman- CrossFit Committed

*score is position in Europe out of 1966
ties hold the same position






359. Lucie Gregorova – CrossFit Commited
570. Angela Simone – CrossFit Commited
719. Kamila Scafidi – CrossFit Commited
769. Laura Gilbert – CrossFit Commited
776. Zaneta Panuskova -CrossFit Commited

*score is position in Europe out of 778
*ties hold the same position


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