corporate crossfit events


Would you like to provide an unforgettable benefit for your employees? CrossFit isn't like another benefit that is vaguely accepted and seen as a standard. 
Our customer, Jablotron security, wrote: 
CrossFit makes you think of itself during whole week, since your body is pleasantly tired. Once your body is fully recovered another intense training is on. During CrossFit lessons you discover muscles that you are not aware you have and it's also great as a teambuilding. Not only experienced but also nice and open-minded coach Zuzka Závodná runs our lessons. Each lesson includes a set of new exercises, a training of the right technique and the workout exercise, which is focused on different muscles every week. CrossFit supports general physical condition (an important part of the mind and body fitness) and is an excellent complement to professional and managerial development.

Exclusive corporate course


1 month
1 group (up to 10 people)


1 month
2 groups (up to 10 people each)



Other options upon discussion.