What to do after the CrossFit Open?

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The CrossFit Open is now done and done and I’m not afraid to say that it would be very hard to find someone who has not met their limitations. For most of us it has not been just one thing but several. So it is highly possible that you might now have 10 movements you need to improve and this post will give you tips to make the best of the CrossFit Open and who you how and what to work on so that next year you see how you’ve improved.

1. Make a list

To start things off you should go through this years Open workouts and make a list of the things you need to improve. Those don’t necessarily have to be movements, it could also be a more effective flow of the WOD for example with toes to bar, or just pacing during short intense WODs. Maybe you think you are no good, but that’s not true. Make sure you write down what was easy and what surprised you as well.

2. Set your priorities

Take a look at your list and try to pin down the movement that will help you the most in general. Make sure you take your overall health into consideration – so if you, for example, know that your back hurts and you are unable to do OHS because your mobility is no good or your core is not strong enough, I recon you focus on core work and better mobility before you attempt to get better at OHS. Strong core will also help you with other strength and gymnastic movements.

Apply the same principal with gymnastics, for example with muscle ups. If you struggle doing at least 5 chest to bar pull ups and ring dips, you can attempt various drills but you won’t be able to do the muscle up anyways because you are missing the basis that you need for it. I know that doing strict pull ups, C2B and ring dips for x amount of weeks is not sexy, but if your goal is a muscle up, you will need to. This work will additionally help you with your kipping pulls ups and help to strengthen your back and shoulders, which at CrossFit is always a plus.

3. Focus on one movement or skill

If you try to do everything, you won’t get better. So when you decide to improve at something, focus on one thing at a time. When you succeed, move on to the next one. Try to save at least 10 minutes after or before each WOD to work on your goal. The key here is not to avoid your weaknesses. If you hate thrusters, cleans, pulls ups or DUs in a WOD then this is the WOD you can’t miss. Doing those is the only way to get rid of your weakness.

So is this the year of your first muscle up, handstand push up, pull up … or the year you improve your lifts? I sure hope so. Holler if you need any help.




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