How can CrossFit help you train for a Spartan Race?

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Races, such as the Spartan Race, have become very popular in the past four years. They are so popular that you can visit specialised gyms or programs that will help you prepare for them. If you do CrossFit on the regular, you already know that our WODs are very versatile and will prepare you for anything. Even the “Spartan”. 

The biggest advantage of CrossFit is training in high intensity, switching between aerobic and anaerobic workouts or working out in various energy systems (ATP-CP, lactate, oxidative). “Spartan” is not just about running and overcoming obstacles, it’s also about slowing down, sprinting uphill and going all out on those obstacles.

What obstacles will you most likely have to conquer at a Spartan Race? I bet you already met some of them at our gym.

1. Stone carry / bucket of sand carry 

This obstacle is very similar to sandbag carry, which is so widely popular now. How you pick up and hold the stone/bucket requires a slightly different technique but you use the same muscles, so training with sandbag will only help.

2. Tire pull

You LOVE pulling or pushing sleds. And you already know that your head is your biggest enemy. So don’t think, work!

3. Rope climb

Our gym now has two types of rope, so apart from different techniques you can work on getting used to different materials as well. Be aware, during the Spartan Race the ropes are wet and covered in mud. 

4. Traverses & overpasses

Using your upper body is key here. Pull ups, regular or ring push ups, all the presses – basically most of the movements we see in our work outs – will help you get stronger and conquer these obstacles as well. 

5. Burpees 🙂

Do I need to say more? Burpees come as a punishment when you fail an obstacle during the race. So potentially you will have to do many. Your best option is to not think, keep a good pace, not rest too much and just get them over with.  


If you are intrigued and would like to join a Spartan Race, join us on Sept 2 at CrossFit Committed South. A qualifier for a Spartan Sprint that takes place on September 24 in Liberec will take place from  10:00 to 13:00 at the gym. The fastest times win tickets. And what will the work out be? 


  • 2x rope climb from ground to standing up
  • 4x box jump
  • 6x burpee

Sign up at the Facebook event.



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