Ain’t nuttin’ but a peanut.

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Since we’ve implemented the Wendler 5-3-1 system as our strength program, it’s become evident, really quickly, that that last set is the “oh shit” set. Five reps at 65%, no big deal.   75%?  hard but doable.   But max reps at 85, 90 and 95%?  If you push yourself  on that last set, as you should, then you’ll come away  feeling just as exhausted as when you finish any other workout, where you end up sprawled out on the floor wondering, what the hell just happened. How you mentally prepare for that last set will drastically effect how well you do. Even though we all may not strive to be as freakishly huge as Ronnie Coleman (we couldn’t even if we tried), that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn a thing or two from one of the giants of the bodybuilding scene. Namely, how to approach a heavy lift. If you’ve never seen the larger than life Ronnie lift some serious weight then check out the clip below to see how it’s done.  No, you really need to watch it.  I’ll wait. As amusing as that was it’s more important to note what he doesn‘t do, than what he … Read More

A new strength program

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For awhile now, since we’ve been open actually, we’ve been following a very basic, pretty boring, linear strength program. It served its purpose for awhile – all of you got stronger!  But despite the old adage of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, I think we can do a lot better. There were a few problems with our old system of 5×5 one week, 5×3 the next week, wash, rinse, repeat. Five sets with one or two warm up sets before, tends to take a pretty long time to get through.  Especially when you’re working with a partner.  And considering that we’ve only got an hour to get through a warm up, strength session, and a WOD, that eats up a lot of time. Some of you underestimate just how badass you are and consistently load the bar with a lot less than you’re capable of. Setting new PRs didn’t come as often as hoped, I believe, because of the limiting nature of the set/rep scheme.  Do your last set of five and stop.(This was one of the biggest mistakes and one of the biggest changes with the new system.) Well, no more.  Say hello to Wendler 5-3-1. For … Read More

Sleep: The Missing Ingredient

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Let’s start from the beginning…I mean the very beginning. Research suggests that our Paleolithic ancestors lived a lifestyle that was, in general, very different from our own (wow – you think!?). But just how different remains a debate. According to Ancestral Health experts a typical caveman day may have looked something like this: Wake up as the sun rises Forage for some berries and/or plants to eat Rest Play around with your fellow tribesman Rest Stalk some prey and (hopefully) kill it for dinner Rest Eat and dance and hopefully get laid Sleep as the sun sets Repeat There obviously exist several iterations to the above scenario, but you get the point.  Now contrast the above with a typical human schedule these days, or to your own schedule for that matter. It’s likely that unless you work in a pre-school your life doesn’t involve sporadic “napping” (if you do work in a pre-school, hopefully you get to nap with kids).  Moreover, I would argue that a vast majority of people don’t go to bed as the sun is going down. I don’t want to fall into the rabbit-hole argument of our “uber-productive” and “workaholic” society – so I’ll leave that … Read More

Crossfit Hands: Badge of Honor or Mark of Neglect

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I could almost hear the collective groan as the third workout of the 2012 Crossfit Open workout was posted onto the Facebook page. Eighteen minutes of box jumps, push presses…and the dreaded toes-to-bar. All three have their own challenges, but for me personally it’s that final movement that is bad for a particular reason: ripping the skin from my hands. If the pictures above seem familiar, then you can relate to this post. Those are my hands after a particularly grueling workout. In addition to the pain (a “wearing-gloves-in-the-shower” type pain), it doesn’t look particularly appealing either. Moreover, if your job or social life outside of Crossfit requires the occasional handshake then it may be awkward to explain why you would “rather not” shake hands without launching into a justification of why suffering is more bearable than quitting. Some in the Crossfit world contend that blisters make you seem hardcore, and certainly credit must be given for working through the pain. But let’s face it: torn hands are an unnecessary inconvenience – and they may even keep you out of the gym if they’re bad enough. Prevention First and foremost if you’re new to the Crossfit scene and don’t yet … Read More

Step away from the scale!

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Throughout the last seven weeks of our Paleo Challenge, and in general, people are obsessed with the number on the scale. And I have to admit that at times I’ve been guilty of the same thing.  It’s gratifying to step on the scale and watch the number go down, week after week.  You assume that you’re getting fitter, leaner and more healthy but any number of things could be responsible for weight loss/gain. When a new person joins the gym with the hope of losing weight, oftentimes it can be discouraging to actually see the number stay the same or even go up, in the beginning! For untrained people, adding muscle is easy and in the beginning of starting a new program that’s exactly what will happen. And since muscle is more dense and heavier than fat, you could actually gain weight in the beginning. Gaining muscle and losing fat can make it seem as if you’re not making any progress, if all you do is go by the number on the scale. So, instead of stressing out over stepping onto the scale, day after day; focus on other, more meaningful, measures of progress. How do you feel? How do … Read More

Workout Journals

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Starting November 1st, everyone at CrossFit Committed has received their own workout journal and will be recording their daily Strength/Skill sessions and workouts.  This will be an important part in tracking your progress and keeping you accountable for your own training.  Yes, it’s going to add an extra 5 minutes to your workout.  Too bad:)  The results that you get from keeping a detailed account of your training will be worth it!   Increased effectiveness:  Whenever you measure something and you can look back and see the numbers you were putting up previously, it becomes easier to devise a way to improve.  Just guessing what you did last time isn’t going to cut it.   The numbers don’t lie:  Instead of guessing what you did the last time you squatted 5×5, go to your journal, look at your numbers and try to beat them!  Oftentimes when we guess what our previous numbers were, for some strange reason we have a tendency to inflate them!  This can hinder progress and be demotivating as well.  If you’re squatting 140 for a set of 5 and you failed on the 5th repetition, guess what?  You didn’t squat 140 five times!  Don’t write that … Read More