“All human beings should be able to perform basic maintenance on themselves.” Dr. Kelly Starrett

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dr kelly starrett

So, Bara and I are back from the mobility course in Nuremberg and we’re ready to turn you all into supple leopards!

We’ve done some mobility in the past but it has always been too infrequent to really make any change.  The first rule that we learned when programming mobility is that it needs to be done, EVERY DAY!  Yep.  Every day.

A concept that was talked about that hit home for me, was the concept of Play and Work.

We were asked what we considered to be play during a normal CrossFit session.  There was a lot of silence.  The correct answer is the workout itself.  What?  That’s play?  We CrossFitters have a sick sense of what is fun.  Well, if the workout is play then what is work?  Work is the warmup, mobility, technique work, skill work….All of those things that most people would rather not do.

What’s the old saying?  “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” or something like that.  Well, all play and no work might make Jack a pretty fun boy he’ll also be pretty poor.

If we work to make money and when we play we spend money then never working and always playing will eventually make us all pretty poor.  And poor as it relates to mobility = injuries and dysfunction.

No one wants to be injured and dysfunctional, right?  Thought so.

So get ready for some  mobility every day!

Some days we’ll do mobility before the workout to help us to be able to get into better positions during the workout.  Other days we’ll do mobility after the workout to either help open up the joints that took an especially hard beating during the workout, or to prepare you for what’s in store the following day.

Some of it will be fun.  Some of it will be painful.  Really painfulJ  But trust me, it works.

We’ll also be going back to the basics and relearning moves that I’m sure you all think you’re experts in.  The push up and the squat.  Personally, I thought my push ups and squats were pretty damn amazing but I was quickly told otherwise.  No matter how well we all think that we move, we can always do better.  Even some of the best CrossFit athletes in the world have glaring form faults that keep them from performing EVEN BETTER!  Scary huh?

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