• How much does it cost?

    You can find our pricing information here.

  • Can I pay per lesson?

    Yes, we have a single entrance and a 10 class punch card option

  • What if I can’t come 3 times per week?

    No problem. Our 3x per week option is actually 13 lessons per month. You can use them however you wish. They don’t carry over to the next month, though.

  • Do I have to sign a contract?

    Nope. We don’t like contracts anymore than you do. Not satisfied? No problem. All of our memberships are month to month.

  • I’ve never worked out before. CrossFit can’t be for me?

    Perfect! We don’t have to “unteach” all of the bad habits that you may have learned from working out unsupervised for years. We take great pride in scaling our workouts for EVERYONE. You’ll never feel like you’re being pushed to do something that you’re not comfortable with.

  • Why do you cost so much?

    Consider that at CrossFit Committed you ALWAYS have a trainer at your side, coaching you throughout the entire class and ready to answer any questions you have regarding training and nutrition. Compare that to a normal gym after you purchase lessons with a personal trainer and you’ll soon realize the value that we offer at CrossFit Committed.

  • How do I sign up for my classes?

    Once you choose your membership and we set it up, you’ll receive an email with your log in information. From the homepage, click on “Reservations” choose your class and reserve your place. Easy.

  • What if I’m going on vacation? Do I lose that time from my membership?

    Of course not. We understand that life happens. People travel, get sick, need some time off or whatever. Let us know before hand the dates that you’ll be gone and we’ll freeze your membership. No questions asked.

Still have questions?

No problem – our pros are here to help with your concerns.