Why CrossFit Committed?

Family. Accountability. Results.

You’re never alone when you’re working out at CrossFit Committed, it’s a completely different atmosphere here. You’re treated as family as soon as you walk through the door. No more wasting 2 hours in B.B.C, or Holmes Place and never talking to a single person. I know what it’s like to waste hours in a big fitness center week after week and to barely make eye-contact with anyone else. That’s not the case here. As much as we’re a place to achieve and exceed your fitness goals, we’re a place to hangout and have fun too!

We WANT you to come to the gym and to come often. Miss a few days and chances are someone will be asking you about it. At the big gyms their entire business model is built around the assumption that you’ll buy an expensive membership and never show up. They count on it. Not here. We care about each one of our members’ progress and when you don’t show up, we want to know why. Accountability breeds responsibility breeds results! You’re not going to get the results you want by missing days at the gym.

Want results? Always show up and never quit and you’ll get more than you ever thought possible.

Why we are different

  • At CrossFit Committed you won’t find a room packed with a bunch of $10,000 machines designed to isolate muscle contractions to get you that “bodybuilder” look. You will find lots of open space to move your body how it is meant to be moved; resulting in an athleticism unobtainable by using machines.

  • There are no mirrors here to stare at while “pumping up” with bicep curls and lateral raises. We do have knowledgeable coaches watching you every step of the way, pointing out your flaws and giving you cues to improve your performance.

  • There are no televisions to watch while you jog for hours on the treadmill. We work out at an intensity that requires your full attention. No t.v.’s here. You wouldn’t even notice them during your workout anyway.

  • You’re not just another client walking around alone, not talking to anyone, working out by yourself and then going home. Here you’re a part of a community. Everyone’s family here and it’s encouraged for everyone to cheer for others as they push through a hard workout or to motivate others when they’re falling behind. This kind of camaraderie brings out the best in others and allows you to push beyond your limits resulting in improved health and fitness in a much quicker time.

Real people. Unreal results.

At CrossFit Committed, we’re a school of fitness and we’re excited and ready to lead you on your journey to a better you. Your own “coach for life” introduces you to all the movements and philosophy in private training. You’ll also learn about scaling, intensity, nutrition and mobility during your private training.