6 Tips on How to Start Running

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Beginning of the new year is usually a time for resolutions. One of the common ones is to start running regularly. The motivation is different for everyone – it might be to lose weight, get fitter or to prepare for one of the popular running races. Newbies often do not know how to start with running in order to reach their goals and how to stay consistent with it. In this article I am going to cover a few tips that can help you in the beginning.

1. Go out and run! It sounds weird, but if you want to start running, put your shoes on and go immediately. Do not postpone it to: “nicer weather”, “buying proper running equipment” or “tomorrow”. This way you will never get started.

2. Start with short distance runs. It does not matter that your friends, who are runners, run 5, 10, 20 or 100 km normally. Your friends are not you and this is your run. If you go for a long distance run right at the beginning, it is very probable that your body will suffer a lot in the days after the run. What is going to happen after? Since you will have a negative experience you will think that running is not for you and you will put your running shoes away. Start your first runs with 2-5 km and do not worry, you will get to longer distances over time.

3. If you struggle with running without stopping it does not matter. Try starting with 30 sec of running and 30 sec of walking. You can increase the running interval and decrease the walking interval on your next run. And then again, until you get to continual running. This is how my beginnings looked like 7 years ago. It has taken me to some interesting distances since then.

4. Do not start too fast! I remember how I went for my first run and how excited I was. Great, I am running and I am not going to go slow so that it looks like running. What happened next? My legs started to get heavy and I could not catch my breath. I looked back and I only ran 300m. How is it possible? It is a common mistake that beginners do. They start full of excitement and they do not think about their pace or they think that they do not want to look like snails (my case), so they start too fast. Start with a pace that is comfortable for you. Try to run at a pace that you can keep a conversation at. It does not matter that it is slow, you will get faster over time.

5. Try to control your excitement. You are already running. You did 3 km on your first run and it was totally fine, so you will try more on your second run. You run 5km on your 3rd run and 6km on the next one. I understand your excitement coming from running longer and longer distances, but do not overdo it. It is not good to increase the distance you run by x kilometers on every run. I know, that your lungs and muscles are ok, but do not forget about your joints and tendons. They need some time to adjust to the load. If you overdo it in the beginning, chances are that your joints will start hurting soon. Once I read that the volume of ran kilometers should not increase by more than 10% a week. And it was for experienced runners, so for beginners it is even less.

6. You might not like the last tip. Running technique. Running is the most natural movement for us, we run since we are kids and we do not even think about it. But do you run correctly? It is a good idea to find a coach who can help you with technique in the beginning. It will help you prevent injuries (running is one of the most dangerous sports in terms of injuries, because runners do not run with correct technique). You also will not attempt to find your 1RM snatch the first day you are doing this exercise.

I wish you many happy kilometers. – Vašek

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