3rd Annual CFC Throwdown Recap!

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Last week the gym was the staging ground for our largest in-house competition ever.  More than 70 members competed in the 3rd annual CFC Throwdown and for about two-thirds of the group it was their first competition experience.  It was a spectacular day full of friendly rivalries, PR’s, sweat and probably even a few tears.  For most of us who participated whether as a competitor, judge or organizer the day seemed to go by in a blur, so here is a recap of the events and highlights so we can all relive some of the best moments!

Athletes began to gather at the gym at 8am waiting for the briefing that would tell them their fate for the day.  Only event one had been published and the anticipation was high as they waited to see what else would be in store.  While many athletes were visibly nervous, everyone was full of smiles and hugs for fellow competitors, helping each other keep focused on the goal of the day which was to have fun and push their personal limits.

The women’s scaled division started the competition off strong in Event 1.


6 min AMRAP

4 hang power cleans (Scaled 45/30kg, Rx 60/40kg)

4 front squats

4 S2O

** 7 burpee penalty every time they drop the bar

Workout one was a test of grip strength and mental toughness.  Competitors had varying strategies going into this one.  We had a few competitors who were able to get through the entire 6 minutes without doing a single burpee, however the people who dropped the bar strategically and did their burpees quickly ended up doing better overall in the WOD.
The winners of Workout 1 were: Agi for scaled women, and Drew for scaled men and in the Rx category our winners were Oto and Misa S.


3 RFT with an 11 minute cap


60 single unders/30 DU

21 KB Swings 16/24kg (Scaled Russian swings, Rx American Swings)

60 single unders/30 DU

15 box jumps (Scaled: step-ups allowed)

60 singles/30 DU

9 burpees 

This workout was a complete cardio burner.  Just a test of how good of an engine our competitors had and how hard they could push for the 11 minutes.  Only a few competitors finished all three rounds within the cap, but a lot of people came really close.  Speaking to some of the athletes afterward they were surprised at how difficult it was and most agreed that the jump rope between movements (whether single or DU’s) was really the worst part.  Winners of event 2 scaled were Andrea B. and Jason and in the RX category Kristy H. and Erik.

After event 2 we had a short break to allow the judges and organizers time for some lunch and the athletes a little time to recover in anticipation of event 3.  Event 3 would be the final deciding factor in who would move on to the final workout.  Only 8 athletes from each division would move on after event 3.


In 7 minutes (8 minutes for women)

800m run

In remaining time find a max thruster

**Final minute: Max pull-ups (women ring rows).  Each rep adds 1kg to the max thruster score.

RX: Men, chest-to-bar pull-ups and women normal pull-ups in final minute

For the third event we had a pretty brilliant combination of cardio and strength.  In order to give themselves time for the thruster the athletes had to run that 800m fast!  Honza P. had his moment to shine as he had the fastest 800m time all day finishing right around 2:17 so he had PLENTY of time for his max thruster.  Most everyone else however only had a few minutes to load a bar and test that thruster.  Some athletes chose to do only one repetition and then rest up for the final minute of pull-ups in order to add to their final score.

Winners of Event 3 for scaled were Verca and Taylor and in the Rx division the winners were Jana H. and Oto.

The finals were upon us and the athletes were anxious to see who had made the final cut.  There were a lot of tired but happy faces and while some of the athletes said they would be happy to NOT make the final everyone seemed eager to hear the results.

In the scaled women’s division our final competitors were Olina, Petra H., Agi, Marija, Zuzka, Bara M., Marta N,. and Andrea B.  In the scaled men’s division the finalists were Jason, Taylor, Lukas, Ahmed, Simone, Alex, Rashid and Adam.  In the Rx women division the finalists were Jana W., Misa S., Terka, Lu, Jana H, Jindra, Andrea C and Kristy.  For the men the finalists were Lubo, Ryan St. James, Stefan, Tobi, Tomas, Ales, Oto and Erik.

While the finalists were all excited and proud to have moved on, they had a tough WOD in front of them before they would know their fate for the day.  Turns out Joey had prepared on heck of a chipper for our finalists.

FINAL: 14 minute AMRAP


50 calorie row

40 knees to triceps

30 wall balls

20 power snatch

10 hand release push-ups (women normal push-ups)


60 calorie row

50 TTB

40 Wall Balls

30 Power Snatch

20 HSPU (women: hand release push-ups)

In this workout the great equalizer across the field turned out to the be the knees to triceps and TTB.  These movements in high volume are of course challenging for everyone and we had many finalists that didn’t make it past that part of the workout.  Everyone fought hard though, through ripped hands and no-reps and exhaustion and frustration.   The Event winners for the scaled final were Andrea B. and Adam and in the Rx division Kristy and Erik.

After all the math was done over all the events, we had our top 3 in each division.  Big congratulations to our overall WINNERS Andrea B for scaled women, Simone for scaled men, Kristy for Rx women and finally Oto for Rx men.  Second and third place winners for scaled women were Zuzka and Olina, scaled men Alex and Adam and in the Rx women division second and third places went to Jana H. and Andrea C., and for the men it was Erik and Tobi.

There were a lot of “firsts” throughout the day.  First pull-ups, first TTB, big PR’s in the thruster, new PR’s for unbroken DU’s.  This is one of the reasons that we love competition.  The competition environment can help athletes push themselves in new ways and we love to see people really push the boundaries of what they think they are capable of.  If you were just a spectator this year, hopefully you were inspired to be on the other side of things next year and compete!

So those are the facts of the event and the easiest part to report.  However, the BEST part of the competition was not the WOD’s or the PR’s, or the fantastic organization.  While all of those things were undoubtedly great, the best part of the day was the atmosphere.  Athletes had friends and family come to watch and support.  Some of our athletes’ friends and families had no idea what CrossFit is, and had never seen a WOD before.  Needless to say they were impressed, and in some cases a little intimidated.  Everywhere you looked all day you saw people chatting and smiling, high-fiving and commiserating about what they had just done or what they were about to do.  This is the part that you can’t describe with words if you weren’t there to experience it.  The community at CFC is a special thing and the success of the competition for each individual as well as for the gym overall is just more evidence of that.
A lot of people worked really hard to make the day happen.  Special thanks have to go out to the main organizers Joey and Laura, they spent countless hours leading up to the day making sure the organization was flawless.  The team that helped them do all the set up on Friday night, the judges who worked all day to judge fairly and strictly, the random members who jumped in from time to time to help move weights or clean up after an event and of course to the athletes who challenged themselves and kept great attitudes throughout the day.  A very BIG thank you to Erik and Petra and the team at WOD & REST diner.  The coffee, protein shakes and fantastic food kept everyone energized and ready to work throughout the day and the after party was something to be remembered for a long time to come!

We are already planning for a bigger and better event next year.  Stay tuned for more details and we hope to see all of you there!

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