5 Ways How to Stay Active when Out of Town

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Taking a few days off is actually a really good idea from time to time so that our bodies can get some well deserved rest. But we all know that if we do not exercise for more than 7-10 days in a row our comeback to the gym is going to be painful. So what to do when you are going away for a business trip, vacation or just out of town and you want to stay active?   1. Drop in to another gym Dropping into another CrossFit gym is always a lot of fun. I especially love it because you get to meet local people and CrossFit is one big family all around the world. Often times, you can get great tips on what to do or where to eat around town and you can usually get a new CrossFit t-shirt as well. If you want to drop in, contact the gym in advance and tell them when you’d like to come. You can find a drop in etiquette to follow here. Once you drop in, don’t forget to take a picture and send it to us:) 2. Do a WOD in your hotel room All you need to do … Read More

6 Tips on How to Start Running

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Beginning of the new year is usually a time for resolutions. One of the common ones is to start running regularly. The motivation is different for everyone – it might be to lose weight, get fitter or to prepare for one of the popular running races. Newbies often do not know how to start with running in order to reach their goals and how to stay consistent with it. In this article I am going to cover a few tips that can help you in the beginning. 1. Go out and run! It sounds weird, but if you want to start running, put your shoes on and go immediately. Do not postpone it to: “nicer weather”, “buying proper running equipment” or “tomorrow”. This way you will never get started. 2. Start with short distance runs. It does not matter that your friends, who are runners, run 5, 10, 20 or 100 km normally. Your friends are not you and this is your run. If you go for a long distance run right at the beginning, it is very probable that your body will suffer a lot in the days after the run. What is going to happen after? Since you will have a … Read More

How to get your significant other to try CrossFit?

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How to persuade your girlfriend, wife or a friend to try CrossFit.  CrossFit is an amazing thing. It has improved our conditioning, it has given us a boost in our work life, more self confidence, helped us to find motivation, or it has even changed life to some people. How much better would CrossFit be if you could do it with your significant other? You wouldn’t have to explain at home all the time, why you have to go to the gym at least 3x per week, why you spend so much time there, why you sometimes go there even on Saturdays or why is going to the 25th party of this year so important. Both mean and women can be afraid of CrossFit, but women are usually even more worried. These worries can be summed up in couple points: 1. Look “I don’t want to be bulky!” This is usually the first sentence I hear from every girl who comes to our introduction training. Media and internet portray CrossFit as a difficult sport only for the toughest people. They show photos of CrossFit Games athletes, who are professionals and they earn their living doing this sport. These athletes train 6-7 times … Read More

You've Got All This Fitness…NOW USE IT!

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It is the beginning of another year.  Whether you believe in the traditional idea of “resolutions” or not, a New Year forces you to stop for a minute and think about things that maybe you wished you had accomplished last year and the limitless things that are possible in this brand new one!  In this article we will look at a few really cool things you could accomplish with all the Fitness you’ve been working on with us at CFC.  My personal challenge to all of you this year is to take all this FITNESS out into the world and DO something AMAZING with it! GPP (General Physical Preparedness) is one of the key tenants of CrossFit.  In fact, it is the driving force behind everything that CrossFit is.  Our “Constantly Varied, Functional Movements at High Intensity” are all meant to make you generally prepared for ANY activity you might choose to do in life.  While I believe that goals in the gym are useful and necessary, I think that sometimes we get stuck just focusing on muscle-ups, max lifts and handstand walks.  What if you actually USED your increasing level of fitness to go out and test your limits a … Read More

Do you have a friend or family member who wants to join but is too scared?

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If I had a nickel for every time a client has gotten my hopes up by saying, “I have a friend who wants to join,” (yet that friend, or sister or husband never ends up showing up) I would be a rich coach. Recently, I retraced my steps and asked clients why that friend of theirs never followed through. All of their explanations were more or less, “Oh, he was just really scared because he isn’t very fit.” I have also learned in seven years of coaching that the hardest part for many people about joining a gym is just walking through those doors on their very first day. The fear and apprehension of the unknown can be crippling. So I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. I’m about to reveal exactly what the process will look like from the moment you contact our website and the end of your Day 1 one-on-one introductory session with a coach. Here goes: After you contact our website, or call us, you will be assigned a coach and he or she will call you within 24 hours. Yes, they will call you. We want to hear your voice. We want to get to … Read More