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Experience shoulder pain is a bit of a never ending story for CrossFitters. Sooner or later everyone feels that their shoulders are tired, hurt before the warm up or just constantly in various positions of the joint. But this problem is not limited only to CrossFitters. Thanks to my swimming experience I am surprised to say that having shoulder pain is natural for swimmers too. They even have a name for it: “Swimmer’s shoulder”. 

Whether you are a swimmer or you do Crossfit the signs and reasons for pain are the same. In my last post I talked about different injuries of the shoulder joint. Today I want to take a look at avoiding the injury. What we should do in order not to hurt ourselves.


Maybe its not a bad idea to start with something as easy as the way you hold yourselves. We do it all day every day and we do it wrong. Just think about the way you hold yourself when you wait for the bus or sit at work. Your back is bent, shoulders swung down and forward. We often look at our phones so our heads are also facing the ground. Try to stand up straight as if there was a string attached to the top of your head pulling your chin down slightly. Pull your shoulders back. Now try to hold it, how long were you able to be in this position before you gave up and went back to the regular one?

Work on your thoracic spine mobility

When you first try the OHS you realise how important the mobility of your shoulders  thoracic spine. Here are two movements that will help you loosen it up.

Extension on the foam roller

Try to tuck your belly in, hold for 8 inhales, move two vertebrae up and repeat. Place your hands under your head to hold it nicely.

Rotation in the kneeling position

Get on all fours and place one hand at the back of your head. Rotate the elbow in the direction of the opposite hand down and then go back up.  Keep your head straight in the extension of your spine and stabilise your hips – don’t move them!

Strengthen your blade stabilizers

Stable and strong blade muscles = bigger strength and lower risk of an injury. The easiest way to strengthen these muscles is adding ring rows into your warm up (hold the upper position and squeeze the muscles). If you have more time visit our CrossOver Symmetry station to properly warm up your shoulders for the work out, or use them at the end.

Try to find time before each work, roll your body on the foam roller, pull the bands, it only takes 5 minutes, and you will see that you will be able to do WOD after a WOD without pain.

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